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This is a Site Notification Document


We are making changes to the Event Registration and Management Process. The following outlines the process and the form and display views.

A logged in User who is enabled to create events uses the ADMIN menu CREATE EVENT form to submit an event request. The request is shown in the INTERNAL CALENDAR displays as a PENDING event. If approved it will show as an APPROVED event and will also be shown in the NEW EVENT CALENDAR. If rejected, it will remain showing as PENDING and the originator will be able to modify the event submission and resubmit. The originator is notified by email as well as in their INBOX (see mail icon with the 9 top right of the image below).

Inbox menu Layout.JPG

The User can open their INBOX by clicking on it, select the event and modify and re-submit. The update/changing field must be set in the resubmitted form (see next 2 paragraphs).

A rejected event displays on the originating user's display of the ADMIN menu EVENT UPDATE or Admin menu INTERNAL CALENDAR with a process tag to the right of the entry. The User can also click this tag make the changes and re-submit. 

The Event Creation Form has changed (ADMIN menu CREATE EVENT). Fields have been changed to 'dropdowns' rather than radio buttons.

A new field has been inserted at the top of the form to distinguish between a new event creation and the update/changing of a previously created event. The update/changing will typically occur after the rejection of an event and the originator modifies the submission.

The event display and search forms have been updated (ADMIN menu INTERNAL CALENDAR as well as ADMIN menu EVENT UPDATE). You can search by keyword in the title of the event, or by date range of event submission. The date range element is enabled by pressing the show more tag. The results displays with column headings which you can click on to change the sort order of the results. For example, click on Date to sort the results by date of event. The page displays as shown below.

Internal Calendar Layout.jpg 

The public event display and search forms have been updated (EVENT CALENDAR). Click on EVENT CALENDAR submenu NEW EVENT CALENDAR to activate. You can search by keyword in the title of the event, or by date range of event submission. The date range element is enabled by pressing the show more tagThe results displays with column headings which you can click on to change the sort order of the results. The page displays as shown below.

   Event Calendar Layout

We have temporarily retained the original EVENT CALENDAR . It can be found by clicking the EVENT CALENDAR menu.

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