youth MOVEments

jst_betarBetar NSW Youth Movement 

Betar NSW  holds meetings for years 2-12 on Sundays in both eastern suburbs and the north shore. We hold annual winter and summer camps. Find us here. FAcebook icon

jst_bnei_akiva_logoBnei Akiva Sydney   FAcebook icon

Bnei Akiva Sydney is a religious Zionist youth movement dedicated to educating youth to the values of the Torah V'Avodah, through fun, inspiring and challenging activities. They have weekly Shabbat meetings for years 2-12, daily minyanim, learning programs and Israel programs for year 10 and university aged students.

jst_habonimHabonim Dror Australia Inc. (Sydney Branch). FAcebook icon

Habonim Dror Australia is a Jewish Socialist-Zionist Youth Movement which operates in Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney, as well as outreach programs in Adelaide and Canberra (in partnership with the AZYC). One of our main aims is that of Jewish Education. Habonim Dror Australia is affiliated with Habonim Dror Olami (World Habonim Dror) the Takam kibbutz movement, and the Israeli youth movement HaNoar HaOved V’Lomed. Habonim Dror Sydney hold meetings every Sunday for years 3-12. 

jst_hineniHineni Sydney  FAcebook icon

Hineni is an Australian-born Zionist youth movement, running programs, events, a gap-year program and camps for chanichim (participants) from Year 2 to Year 12. We infuse informal education with fun, to foster critically thinking individuals who can engage with the world with a mature, considered and balanced approach. Hineni welcomes participants of all Jewish backgrounds and provides an opportunity for chanichim to make life-long friends and meaningful relationships.


judean scouts logo1 Judean Scouts

Fun and adventure activities to build confidence, team work, leadership and survival skills as part of the worldwide scouting movement. Open to all Jewish girls and boys. Activities include camps, hikes, adventure games, cooking, badge work and much more. Age group from 6-25 years (Joeys, Clubs, Scouts, Venturers and Rovers).

jst_netzer_logoNetzer Zionist Youth Movement FAcebook icon

A progressive Zionist youth movement for school years 3-12. Fosters energy and warmth of spirit towards Jewish identity with a Zionistic focus and within a Progressive Jewish framework. Provides activities in the eastern suburbs and north shore, camps, outings, leadership courses and an Israel program, Shnat Netzer. Affiliated with North Shore Temple Emanuel Chatswood and Emanuel Synagogue Woollahra.